Thursday, September 23, 2010

In today's class

In Darwin's view of "natural selection" is survival of the fittest. As we 'struggle for existence', nature will select on one general law of letting the strongest survive and the weakest die. Darwin goes on in describing how people or species 'struggle' for existence in a contradicting explanation. Struggle, in Darwin's term, is in metaphorical sense yet realistic. As species struggle to survive in the world with limited resources, each species depends on each other to survive as well. In Darwin's view, natural selection is inevitable reality that explains the nature of the world. And regardless of how species struggles to fight through life, natural selection is still doing it's part in the world and nothing can come in it's way of selection. Darwin repeats itself on natural selection and struggle for existence in a way that tries to convince people of his own believes and understanding. In my point of view, the repetition of the whole topic may confuse people and led people into believing his words and the over stating fact.

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