Thursday, November 4, 2010


we live in a world full of irony. things are never what we seems to be since we all perceive the world differently. personality, i love irony. it's a way to reveal who really knows you the best. cause the one who knows you will understand your irony. every word always have double meaning (sometimes even more) it is for whose who truly appreciate and understand the irony. in the case of Darwin, i think we should focus on critique Darwinism rather than Charles Darwin because Darwinism is NOT Darwin. Darwinism is the study of Darwin's theories not Darwin as a person. Darwinism is what we think of Darwin's theory not what Darwin think of his own theory. *ironic* Dr. Bruce Alexander stated that Darwin is a psychologist. Yet, does Darwin think of himself as a psychologist when he wrote his theories? i doubt it. i feel that many criticism on Darwin are unfair as i don't think that was his intention when he propose his theories. for example, his natural selection, many believe the theories is the ONLY explanation to evolution. however, i don't think Darwin was insisting others to believe that it IS the only explanation as there are still many other evident that he can not prove his point of view.

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