Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bernard Shaw

It is said that George Bernard Shaw's idea of killing people who cannot justify their existence is different from the idea that Hitler had. George Bernard Shaw thought that people have to be killed based on their class while Hitler killed people based on their nationalism. Shaw believed that there has to be a humane gas invented by scientists who kills people painlessly. It cannot be imagined that such a sophisticated person as Shaw would have such a cruel notion. In my opinion both Shaw's and Hitler's ideas were brutal and inhuman. If Shaw was a Darwinian and believed that everything in the nature has come to the existence autonomously, he had to accept that human being does not have a free will to choose in what class or nationality he is born and every person has the right to experience life. Referring to Darwin's theory of evolution that particular traits become more or less common a person who does not come from a proper class in society has the opportunity to evolve and change his/her condition in life. This opinion has reflected in Shaw's musical play "my fair lady" as well.

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