Thursday, October 14, 2010

Darwin's religious belief as a young man

Darwin attended the Anglican Shrewsbury School, which was supported by Church of England. Church of England is the worldwide Anglican Communion. It viewed itself as being both Catholic and Reformed. By Catholic, it means that the Church believes that it is part of the universal church of Jesus Christ. Reformed means that the church follows the Thirty Nine Articles and the Book of Common Prayer. Therefore, the environment Darwin grew up in was quiet religious and conservative. After attending University of Edinburgh's medical school for two years, he decided to go to Cambridge University to become an Anglican clergyman. As a young man, Darwin had no doubt about the literal truth of the Bible. Despite of studying John Herschel's science who would view everything as laws of nature as oppose to miracles, Darwin believed that there is an evidence of design in all species. Both Before and during his voyage on Beagle, he stayed Orthodox and would quote the Bible as an authority to morality.

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