Thursday, October 14, 2010

Robert Darwin

Charles Darwin’s father, Robert Darwin was a physician and he had many plans for Charles and his future. He wanted him to continue his studies in medicine, but Charles was not interested and found the lectures to be boring. Robert Darwin’s attempt to continue Charles on the path seemed to have followed up with resentment in my opinion, and push Charles towards his specific interest in biological change.

The family had money and because of this, Charles was able to continue with a formal education and eventually go on journeys of biological discovery. I do believe that it was because of his father’s ambition in medicine, Charles was introduced to biology but Charles wanted to experience it in a different way. Robert Darwin’s work provided the stepping stones towards a more biological career, and may have assisted Darwin in finding his true calling. Although Robert refused Charles go on the journey to South America, he eventually agreed to it, as he was later convinced by Charles’s uncle. It is important to note that much of the work and findings explained in work, The Origin of Species, I noticed that there was a lot of influence branching from numerous people in his life. His father may have provided the education and intrigue in the biological world, but much of his research is derived from the professors and biological professionals he had met during his life time.

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