Sunday, October 10, 2010

Samuel Butler

Samuel Butler believes that Steam Engine is invented gradually form a kettle. This is a smart example Butler came up with and in my opinion it is so true. On the other hand as we can relate this example to evolution this question has popped out on my mind that if everything is created gradually, can we argue that human being will be changed organically in the future? If human is a descent from apes, then human can evolve to another form as well. But if species are evolved by the impact of environment and how they fit in that environment, then why human is not evolved since 5000 years ago who had a much more basic life? It is true that with the help of technology and science, we think differently nowadays and our society is evolved, but we are not different species than human beings who lived centuries ago. In addition, it can be accepted that steam engine is invented from a simple kettle or human being is descended from apes and apes are evolved from other species and all species are created from nature, but no one could or still can answer where our universe has come from.

Also, Butler criticize Darwin's writing as misleading and mischievous. I think Darwin's style of writing is for all kinds of audiences. If Darwin explained all his ideas in a scientific way, it would be difficult to read. Moreover, as Dr. Ogden mentioned in class, there might be a possibility that Darwin wrote his book in a hurry. Moreover, it is discussed that Darwin persuades people well to buy his ideas. This can be a good example of natural selection or survival of the fittest itself. There might be other authors who mentioned evolution theory, but Darwin presented himself better. Therefore, we can conclude that commercialism is dependent on natural selection as well.

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